Across healthcare’s complex landscape, innovation is not only a route to progress but also a cornerstone of premier patient care and operational excellence. Yet, due to the structured, patient-centric, and highly regulated nature of healthcare organizations, many transformative solutions can often be overshadowed. In an evolving landscape, healthcare institutions must remain adaptable and open to trends, or risk missing out on transformative business models. For many, the challenge lies in innovating within established organizations dedicated to their existing operating models. Echoing the Harvard Business Review article, “Disruptive Change: When trying harder is part of the problem,” the most innovative companies often function independently of their parent organizations, enjoying clearer strategic vision and better market penetration.

Our Platform for Growth:

The essence of HealthEco’s Platform for Business Model Innovation stems from its use of proprietary data sets and partnerships to identify important opportunities that are often overlooked within the healthcare ecosystem. This reinforces the existing foundation of traditional healthcare organizations while also seeking expansion in adjacent domains where new and innovative business approaches thrive. To achieve this, we carefully and thoughtfully tailor our strategies to meet the multifaceted requirements of stakeholders and adapt to the fluidity of market trends. Through strategic collaboration with partners within the ecosystem, such as health systems, we have the key to unlocking growth, particularly in these neighboring markets.

Healthcare organizations that partner with us, embody a growth-minded spirit and opt to explore these alternative spaces, investing in a shared vision of redefining healthcare delivery, thereby enriching the healthcare landscape together.

Our Underlying Philosophy:

Traditional models are centered around their core functions and naturally prioritize their established infrastructures and operational frameworks to ensure patient care, while also navigating the complexities of new ideas. However, hospitals and similar entities face layers of policies and decision-making that can impede swift and innovative progress. As a result, ventures developed internally may not always thrive in the competitive external market. This is not a criticism or limitation, but rather an opportunity. HealthEco’s Venture Studio and Commercialization Accelerator is uniquely tailored to our ecosystem of partners and aims to address unmet needs without limitations from internal organizational constraints, empowering ventures to thrive externally.

HealthEco’s Venture Studio and Commercialization Accelerator harmoniously interlink with our ecosystem, where growth extends beyond mere investment and architecting business models to address critical needs, informed by the invaluable insights and experiences of our healthcare partners.

Our philosophy promotes the idea that implementing innovative practices within a health system does not automatically ensure success in outside markets, nor does it definitively result in significant transformation. Traditional models, which are deeply rooted in their fundamental functions, naturally prioritize the protection of patient care, even as they navigate the challenges of incorporating innovation. On the other hand, creating new ventures that exist outside of established organizations, while utilizing core assets, is free from these limitations and cultivated in an environment that embraces creativity, flexibility, and efficiency, with the ability to expand and succeed in the market.

Venture Studio & Commercialization Accelerator Blueprint:

HealthEco is more than just an advisor. Drawing upon our proven process, we work alongside health systems to develop, introduce, and expand ventures, creating a mutually beneficial partnership that generates reciprocal value. We are dedicated to supporting our partners in surpassing their usual limitations, empowering them to flourish and expand outwardly. As a result, our partners can bring unrivaled value back to their own organizations.

So how do we do it? 

Our success is rooted in a dual-phased, proven process encompassing seven stages:

Phase 1: Innovate – Molding Tomorrow’s Healthcare

  • Ideate: At HealthEco, we draw insights internally from our healthcare partners, externally from the ecosystem, and develop bespoke strategies based on our unparalleled vantage point.
  • Identify: We provide a confidential and extensive disclosure, de-risking, and due diligence (“D3”) process to evaluate suitable business opportunities on behalf of our healthcare partners. This establishes a universal framework to engage stakeholders across the sector, meticulously evaluating business blueprints tailored for local implementation and national scalability.
  • Incubate:  We partner with targeted organizations to focus on testing solutions in their native environments, across diverse locations, ensuring offerings tackle universal challenges and aren’t too niche to scale.
  • Invest: We fortify investments via syndication with strategic investors who aren’t tethered to traditional return horizons.

Phase 2: Scale – Perfecting Commercialization

  • Align: Our focus is holistic commercial alignment where we synchronize brand development, messaging strategy, revenue strategies, efficient operations, and early adopters for seamless go-to-market strategy development.
  • Adopt: We cement our market foothold with early commercial sales, accelerating product momentum and fine-tuning our market strategies to ensure optimal efficiency and financial growth.
  • Amplify: We leverage new and established scale partners to rapidly expand commercial opportunities, integrate channels, execute national contracts, and develop strategic alliances for expansive outreach.

By harnessing this market-verified strategy, we create portfolio companies that deliver lasting value to the healthcare ecosystem. Stay tuned this week as we reveal our latest venture studio project, poised to broaden access to the best in laboratory medicine.

Jami Youmans, MHA
President & CEO
Jami leads HealthEco’s platform, directs investment strategies, and propels strategic growth for healthcare partners.

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