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HealthEco’s platform fosters a culture of continuous growth and development within our healthcare partner organizations with access to comprehensive strategy and execution services designed to streamline the healthcare ecosystem, enhance capital efficiency, and bolster the efforts of your corporate development teams.

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Growth Strategy

Our expert advisors develop a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s capabilities, leadership strengths, and areas of expertise. We craft tailored financial personas to represent an organization’s unique strengths and potential. The personas serve as a valuable framework for aligning and engaging with a diverse spectrum of stakeholders enabling a purposeful and strategic approach to growth initiatives, both independently and in collaborative ventures.

Venture Network

Through our Venture Network, we bring stakeholders together from across the healthcare ecosystem to identify shared challenges and participate in strategic themes where we uncover business opportunities that can address common problems. Leveraging our proven de-risking and due diligence process, we assess opportunities ensuring alignment across organizations, resulting in solutions that scale.

Venture Studio

Our venture studio specializes in conceiving and constructing entirely new business concepts from the ground up, establishing management teams and governance structures, sourcing critical resources and subject matter expertise, while also crafting robust commercialization strategies and capital frameworks. Our comprehensive approach aligns creativity and collaboration within a proven venture-builder model to ensure financial success for our partners.

Commercialization Accelerator

Our commercialization accelerator combines access and support for healthcare organizations, innovators, and entrepreneurs to commercialize accretive innovations, creating rapid traction and scale. Our holistic program is designed to support all stages of a company’s life cycle and achieve the growth goals of our partners.

Venture Investment

Our team streamlines strategic investments by syndicating capital among specialized investor partners. We bring together organizations combining scale, expertise, and mission alignment to significantly de-risk investments for strategic investors and their chosen portfolio companies. The result is a synergistic environment where healthcare innovations can thrive, supported by strategic advisors and healthcare customers.

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