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Collaborate with creative minds, share innovative ideas, monetize expertise, and be a part of the epicenter for Health Care 2.0.

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What you’ll gain…

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Access to the best and most committed systems that drive the national health care agenda.

Creative and innovative business solutions that collaboratively solve for the most common health care problems.

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A shared services platform that will not only capture margin, but reduce overhead and other extraneous costs.

Optional ownership in stand-alone business entities that  maximize returns for organizational deployment.

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What we do…

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Repatriate margin from vendors and GPOs via our portfolio businesses including:

• Medical surgical supplies
• Clinical engineering
• Staffing
• Furniture purchasing
• Epic consulting

Launch new, transformative businesses to diversify revenue with health systems:

• National employer network
• Large scaled clinical trials
• Lab
• Consumer analytics

Shared service platforms that capture margin while reducing overhead and other extraneous costs:

• HR
• Analytics
• Call centers

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