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Problem 1

Health Systems have innovative and commercial grade solutions that are locked within their own health system with no apparent way to scale beyond their own markets.

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Problem 2

Health Systems are often unaware of innovative solutions outside their walls, which slows or completely stalls adoption.

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The Solution

The world’s premier center where all parts of the health ecosystem converge to accelerate development, deployment and distribution of innovative health solutions.

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Early Stage & Growth

Disciplined pathways to scale and distribution among the health care ecosystem.

Health Plans

Optimizing new innovations and transformative models through strategic alliances with ecosystem partners. New growth opportunities.

Venture Capital

Profound insights into the likelihood of adoption for potential investments and distribution for existing assets.

Health Corporations

Access to health systems and payors to build brand awareness and new business opportunities.

Delivery Systems

Access to innovative solutions and derisked business opportunities capturing alternative revenue, new partnerships, and sustainable growth.

Research Entities

Providing insights and experiences for students, teachers, and researchers to publish, test, and share innovations.

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